About ACE Backstage

We welcome the year 2021
and are grateful to reach this thirty year milestone.

ACE BACKSTAGE manufactures a full product line of flush Stage Pocket Systems (aka: floor pockets or floor boxes) which provide utility, protection, and easy installation of connectivity for both low voltage AV and high voltage AC connections. Standard ACE Stage Pockets offer many customizable features and finishes with same-day order shipment and no unnecessary fabrication lead time. Complete UL Listed Stage Pocket Systems include heavy gauge rough in boxes and our unique CONNECTRIX Panel and mating CONNECTRIX Connector connectivity configurations.

ACE Stage Pockets are heavy duty but remain economical with a simple design that makes installation and wire terminations easy and efficient. Designed for floor applications, they are welded assemblies of heavy gauge precision die stamped steel, brass, and stainless steel parts and have been load tested to withstand extreme stage load conditions.

Established in 1991, ACE has long been popular in the AV Industry providing quality products that meet design/build requirements and offer fabrication customization to support any project specification. Many industry icons have partnered with ACE Backstage to develop products in support of their branded equipment - some are identified below:

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Recent partnerships have resulted in solutions that marry electronic partner-products with customized ACE Stage Pockets to support in-floor application use. Our success reflects our proclivity to remain economical in our production; the same effort offered toward any custom metal fabrication request.

Additionally, our panel fabrication and engraving facilities allow for quick turnaround of complete AV panel connectivity systems with materials that support any design or delivery time requirement. Continued development of both aluminum and plastic panel production brings new solutions for ground isolation, EMI and overall durability only available at ACE Backstage.